The Essential Add On For Civil 3D

Civil Site Design Transforms Autodesk Civil 3D So Designers Work Smarter and Faster

Feature Civil 3D Civil 3D + Civil Site Design
Surfaces From Satellite Data, Point Files And Point Clouds No Yes
Templates Simplify Assemblies No Yes
Automated Road Network Design No Yes
Interactive, Intuitive Design Tools No Yes
Real Time Interactive Visualization No Yes
Interactive Grading Tools No Yes
Surface Pasting & Exchange Yes Yes
Intuitive Gravity Pipe Design No Yes
Automatic Corridor Generation Yes Yes
Profiles Generated with Your Production Standards Yes Yes

Surface Pasting & Exchange

As you build out your designs, you will often have multiple surfaces such as existing ground, mass grading for a site, ponds, lots and building pads. Civil Site Design provides an intuitive interface to create new surfaces by simply

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